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Announcement: *** Posting Guidelines - Please Read ***, how to get the best results here

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Here are some posting guidelines to help users get the best from our forums.

1) No advertising or solicitation. Do not use our forums as a place to sell your products or services. Such threads will be closed and/or deleted. We provide our forums here to assist users with our products.
If you wish to make a brief announcement regarding your own (SWiSH-related) products or services, contact David Petley, one of the board administrators, who will consider your request.

2) Be nice, refrain from using inappropriate language or posting inappropriate content. Do not attack other members. Remember that everybody helping you in our forums volunteers time and knowledge for free, keep in mind that a "thank you" is always appreciated.

3) Do not cross-post, or make multiple posts on the same subject. We will delete or close such duplicated threads.

4) Do not post anything illegal. This is a condition of membership. Members breaching this rule will be removed without hesitation.

5) Use the search feature...familiarise yourself with it. It may save you lots of time if your issue has been addressed in the past.

6) Be careful posting personal information, such as email addresses and/or contact information. It may result in unwanted contact, so be selective about what you disclose.

7) Stay on-topic...Our forums were put in place to help our users with our products, not to celebrate birthdays, or discuss the latest news. There are other places where such posts are welcomed, and we suggest a visit to some of the SWiSH community sites for more general conversation and discussion with like-minded people -

8) Make your thread titles as descriptive as possible....for 2 reasons...

i) It helps other users to assess whether they can offer assistance, just from reading your thread title. I know many busy users pass over threads with titles like "heeelp me", they figure if you are not interested in saving their time, why should they be giving you any.

ii) SEARCHING - It helps with future searches on the same issue.....nobody uses the search function to look for 'help', they look for things like 'popup window' or 'scroll', something relative to their own problem. It will save everybody some time, if you just take a little of your own to be descriptive when you post a new thread.

9) While there is no hard rule on this, please specify what build any sample files are created in.
Remember that if you are seeking help with files created in a recent pre-release build, only users with a recent pre-release build can assist you.
Likewise, if you provide an example to help someone, you will help more people if your file is NOT created in the pre-release build but the current public release.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully it will help make your time here more productive.


BTW...please note that there also limits on the size of your footer/signature here -
Maximum footer/Signature Size

300 pixels wide x 40 pixels high x 15 kb maximum file size is what we allow, or 4 lines of text.